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Asian Food , Indian Food Recipe

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Asian Food
Asian food is diverse and full of flavor. While neighboring Asian countries may share similar ingredients and cooking styles, their cuisine is unique and individual.
Asia can be divided into three regions, based on their culinary similarities:
  • The North East - China, Korea, Japan
  • The South West - India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Burma
  • The South East - Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei
Healthy Indian Food
Indian food is rich, colorful, aromatic and tasty. Diversity can be found in India's food as well as its culture, geography and climate. Spices are at the heart of Indian food to enhance the flavor of a dish. The people of India have adapted their cooking to the erratic climatic conditions. Healthy Indian food tend to contain more vegetables. Rice is the staple diet and forms the basis of every meal for South Indians whereas a typical North-Indian meal would consist of rotis made from wheat flour. The South Indian food like dosa (rice pancakes), idli (steamed rice cakes) and vada, which is made of fermented rice and dal, are now popular throughout the country.
Healthy Indian food is basically vegetarian. A typical Indian lunch may consist of some dishes with seasonal vegetables, a lentil dish, yogurt; chutneys prepared from various herbs, pickles (oil and water-based), papad, and rice or freshly made unleavened flat breads (chappati) to scoop up the foods. A non-vegetarian meal in India may consist of a dish of fish, meat or chicken along with rice or chappati, vegetables and lentils. North Indian desserts are very similar in taste as they are derived from a milk pudding or rice base and are usually soaked in syrup. Desserts from the south include the Mysore pak and the creamy payasam.
Indian Food Recipe
Here is a Simple, Easy-to-make, Tasty South Indian Food Recipe to experiment. It is a simple, rice and milk based dish, common in most parts of India, though it goes by different names in the different regions.

Payasam Recipe: (also popular as Kheer in the northern regions)
Milk -1 litre
Brown broken rice -1 cup
(You can also use long-grained rice)
Sugar -1/2 cup
Cardamom powder -1/4 teaspoon
Condensed milk -1/2 cup
Raisins, cashews (fried in a little ghee or clarified butter)-15-20
  • Cook the rice separately. Add the milk, condensed milk and sugar to rice and mix well.
  • Boil it until a thick consistency is reached.
  • Add the cardamom powder and raisins just before removing it from the fire.
  • This is a great dessert that can be served hot or cold.
  1. The long-grained variety of rice is used to make Kheer. Almonds and pistachios are added to the Kheer, usually not in the Payasam. Payasam is garnished using cashew nuts and raisins fried in a little ghee.
  2. Adjust the quantity of sugar to suit your taste.
Curries are an integral part of the cuisines of South East and South West Asia, much less in the North East. Curries in the South West are basically yogurt-based. In the South East and North East, coconut milk forms the basis of curries. Rice is a staple grain in all three regions. In addition to rice, Asian food of the South West include a variety of leavened and unleavened breads. South East and North East Asian food includes rice and egg noodles.
Asian food in the South West is cooked using ghee or clarified butter. Mustard oil, coconut oil and sesame oil is also used. In the South East and North East, the major oils are vegetable oils.
Garlic, ginger, and chili peppers are an important part of most Asian food. Soy sauce is used in practically every dish of the North East. People in the South East use fish sauce, though there is no equivalent in South Western cooking. In the South East, there are two additional flavorings not used in the other cuisines - galangal and lemon grass.

The wok, steamer, rice cooker and clay pots are the most used utensils in all the regions.

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Asian Food

Author: sabnet

STUDENT BIYRYANI is a famous national brand making waves in the ethnic food markets in Pakistan for last four decades. A unique and sumptuous Biryani with a consistent taste and quality, and a number of other sub continental cuisines are prepared in our kitchens. We enjoy market leadership and are fast expanding. We have the largest franchise network of outlets within the country, having presence in all major urban centers, and are prepared to explore market potential in Gulf, UK, USA and Europe soon.
The Way It is!
It's a long history of 40 years of hard work, perseverance and passion. The idea of establishing Café Students was conceived and materialized by Haji Mohammad Ali (Late) in 1969 with very humble beginnings. It all started from home cooked Biryani and a few other dishes served from a small eatery located in the middle of the city, Saddar, Karachi. It is that popular taste of Biryani which dominated the business name of Café Students, and now Student Biryani is the title of fame.

Patience and hard work resulted in a stable and gradual increase in the business. Responding to market demands resulted in various milestone achievements. In 1976, the first infrastructural improvement was made by creating a seating capacity of a hundred people. Afterwards, there was a series of daring business decisions taking into account various market needs spanning from business development, beating competition, making use of technological improvements, development of management systems, creating a market niche, to ensuring a dominating presence within this cosmopolitan.
Student Biryani is an organization built up totally, on hard work, passion, honesty and dedication.
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Expanding in Pakistani Food Sector

Author: Awais Bilal

According to investors guide book by European commission (2005)
there are some negative perceptions among the international including European public about Pakistan. Pakistan have shown a remarkable ecno0mic and political development since late 1990's .Pakistan is a major country recognized by the international community and has a population of about 150 million.

The statistics provided by Agri-food, past, present and future report Pakistan August (2005), only quarter of 7 million can afford consumer base for process of imported food, still Pakistan provides a market larger than Canada for consumer goods. Pakistan's economy has been steadily growing for the past 6 years and it has the highest annual growth rate in south Asia.

New business opportunities for EU Companies in Pakistan (2005) tells us that Pakistan has close political and economical relations with middle east ,central and south Asia ,because of its geographical location.A lot of international companies have been operating successfully in Pakistan for more then 20 years .The main multinationals in the country are in oil and gas exploration and production ,electrical engineering, the pharmaceutical ,food and chemical industries .

According to Pakistan exporter guide (2004) Pakistan holds the world 9th largest market, estimated 149 million customers Pakistan's food sector is changing frequently as traditional habits an lifestyles are shifting .Retail sales of processed food is expending by 10 % per year in recent years, and currently are estimated approximately about USD 1.4 billion. There are western style fast food chains reflecting a rising popularity with such eating style. Pakistan is generally considered to be a price sensitive market because most of the consumers prefer imported food items or western fast food for both quality and status reason.
One of the very attractive reasons for any food company to go to Pakistan is changing life styles and influence of foreign media and increasing awareness of health principles particularly among educated, middle and upper income urban customers. Pakistan's food processing industry is also large and is growing. Currently the sector accounts 17% of Pakistani manufacturing output. The food processing sector produced an estimated USD 6 billion in products during 2003.

According to Agri-Food report (2005) there are some important facts about Pakistani market regarding a new food company expansion. These facts will help companies to make there decision.

• In Pakistan there are three big consumer markets one is Karachi with a population of 10 million people, Lahore with 5.7 million people and Faisalabad with 2.1 million people.
• An average Pakistani consumer spends 42% of his income on food.
• Consumer food sales are expanding at a rate of 10% annually.
• Super markets are gaining popularity and currently account approximately 10% of retail food sale.
• In recent years Pakistan has also eased trade barriers to attract more foreign companies to do investment in Pakistan. Rules and regulations have made more transparent and tariffs have been reduced.

Another positive point which makes Pakistan a suitable country for food companies is expansion in its agriculture sector. Agriculture sector is a dominant sector of Pakistan's economy. Total area of Pakistan is 22million hectares and 12million hectares are cultivated the most important crops Pakistan produces are wheat, rice, cotton and sugar cane which account 37% of the total value added in agriculture. In year 2002-2003 agriculture sector grew by 4.2% .the live stock sub sector which is 39% of agriculture grew 2.9% in the recent past. Because of these factors it would be very easy for any company to expand there as there won't be any need to import any thing from else where. New business opportunities for EU Companies in Pakistan(2005)

If a company decides to go ahead with this proposal they should also understand Pakistani culture. It is absolutely different from English culture .A definition of culture is ‘the collective programming of the wind which distinguishes one group from another.
Lane. HN Distefano.J J, Maznevski.ML(1997)

Pakistan's official name is' Islamic republic of Pakistan' and it is indicated that it is an Islamic state and Islam is the dominant religion. More than 97% of Pakistanis are Muslims only 3% are other religion people. Islam was the basis to form Pakistan as the partition of British India. Islam widely influences social life in Pakistan. In Pakistan religion, state and society are conjoining. For Muslims around the world Islam is not just a religion or a private affair but a law affecting all parts of life.

There is little or no consumer market for pork products and alcoholic beverages because they are prohibited in Islam. GREEGS has to take care of another very important thing that's halal meat. According to Muslim faith meat they eat should be halal. Which is that meat which has been slaughtered in the manner described by Shiria. New business opportunities for EU Companies in Pakistan(2005)

McDonaldalds and KFC are working in Pakistan and they only use Halal meat.
Because of this Muslims living in UK don't eat McDonald's meat here in UK but do eat it in Pakistan.
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Send Food Item to Pakistan


When talking about the food of Pakistan everyone minds sparks with Spicy foods. Pakistan is multi ethnical culture where its western border linked with Iran and Afghanistan and eastern border linked with India. After migration in 1947 people comes form all over India to Pakistan mostly in Urban Sindh and few in Punjab. Due to merging of different cultures Pakistan create his own flavor of tastes. If you travel to Pakistan you find the spice changes place to place, if you starts from Karachi, the Burns road is one of the oldest food place and as the Karachi become the metropolitan having population almost 1.7 Billions the other famous place also established like Zamzama street, Boat basin, Husainabad and Super High way Restaurants. All these places you will find the most common food items are Biryani, Karahi, Katakat, Pizzas etc with lots of spice. In Bolochistan like Quetta you will feel a quite different taste of Rousted Chicken, Mutton etc with less spice. They just put some Masalas in Mutton and put on fire, this is pretty original style and delicious too. Same is the way we used to see in NWFP also influenced by Afghanistan type of dishes like one of the famous are Chapli Kabab. Cities of NWFP Peshawar, Murdan are famous for Chapli Kabab.


Punjab is Pakistan largest Province has actually distinguish into three parts, one is southern Punjab where cities like Rahim Yaar Khan, Bahawalpur, Multan etc then Central Punjab Faisalabad, Gujranwala, Okara, Lahore, Shaikhupura, Sialkot and then Northern Punjab cites like Chakwal, Rawalpindi , Wah Cantt and Islamabad. In Southern Punjab where food stuff is more traditional than Sindh, most famous are Multani sweets like Sohan Halwa. Central Punjab has its own rich culture people lives there are actually richer than any other parts of Pakistan. Sialkot and Faisalabad are major industrial cities and so as Lahore and these things shows in its life style and food. Food are pretty spicy, one of Pakistan famous place for food are in Lahore called Gawalmandi food Street where many small hotels and restaurants are on a single street therefore many local and foreigners comes to eat mouth watering Pakistani foods. Most famous dishes are Lahori Chargha, Tikka boti, Kabab and many other delicious sweets and ice creams.

Same we have found there is lots of Desi Food Shops simultaneously, we observed tremendous growth of foreign food chains, and most common are Pizza Hut, KFC, and McDonalds etc.

Pizza hut was started with Italian taste then gradually divert to desi taste and that create a huge impact on sales and we have notice that people come to pizza wanted to eat Chicken Tikka Pizza etc. Now there is lots of other companies stared selling pizzas and most known are Dominos Pizza, Papa Johns Pizza and Penny Pizza etc.

KFC also starts many franchises all over Pakistan and the cities where you can find KFC are Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Multan, Sialkot, Jehlum, Hyderabad, Peshawar, Gujranwala & Sukkar.

Sending food items to loved ones and Families is one of most common practice we used to do. For those people who lived aboard and want the delivery of KFC, Pizza, Biryani, hotel vouchers, Donuts etc in Pakistan, online gifts website is a easiest way to send.
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